ICO - BWEX - биржа нового поколения.
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ICO - BWEX - биржа нового поколения.
BWEX - a new generation exchange.

Почему это лучше, чем другие?

Дифференциал BWEX можно разделить на три основных аспекта:
Наш эксклюзивный торговый механизм во много раз более мощный, чем любой другой, использующийся прямо сейчас. Мы назвали его Great Exchange Machine (GEM) и способны выполнять несколько сотен тысяч транзакций в секунду.


BWEX Initial Coin Offering is now LIVE!
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What is BWEX?

BWEX stands for BitWin EXchange, and it is a new kind of cryptocurrency exchange platform. Our headquarter is in Hong Kong, but our staff is spread across the globe allowing us to provide the best (and most versatile) customer service possible!

Why is it better than the others?

BWEX’s differential can be divided into three main aspects:
Our exclusive trade engine is many times more powerful than any other in use right now. We named it Great Exchange Machine (GEM) and it is able to perform several hundreds of thousands transactions per second. In the next few days we will reveal the details of this beautiful creation.
BWEX wants to reach everyone, from the veteran day trader to the first time investor. We will provide 24/7 live support and our platform will be available in 10 different languages at launch, with more to be added later. No more unanswered tickets, no more waiting for support.
By charging extremely low trading and withdrawal fees, BWEX can offer the user a bigger margin of profit. But that is not enough, we also created a wealth distribution system where 40% of our profit every month is distributed among every person that invested in us and holds our tokens! By investing here users can have a scaling source of monthly income.

When is the sale happening?

With the great success of our pre-sale, that helped us raise over a million dollars, we are able to fully develop our product, our soft cap has already been reached. However, by raising more funds we can add more features to our platform, and accelerate our growth to become one of the main exchanges.
Our main sales period has already started, with each token costing one US dollar. The buying window will close at April 26th, 2018. And after that no more BWC tokens will be generated. Missing this opportunity means missing a chance to become a part of the best exchange platform on crypto!
There is also a high probability that our 25 million tokens will sell out before the deadline, which will then mark the end of our sales. The time to invest is now, because we won’t ever be making any more tokens, and we can’t do anything if potential buyers want to acquire them after they are sold out.



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